Advance Praise for Make Love Better

“Within the first few pages of Jan Dworkin’s book Make Love Better, I felt my heart quicken. Her wit and wisdom gave me hope. I have always been reluctant to read books about relationships, because while they can be useful, there is often the problem that you don’t see your relationship in the pages. And the work to make your relationship life better feels arduous. Depressing even. Like digging through mud. But Make Love Better is not your grandmother’s relationship book. In funny, brutally honest, compassionate, and normalizing tones, Dr. Dworkin breaks down the mysteries of relationship and makes it easy for you—whether you’re 20 or 75—to dare to engage, open yourself up, and make love better. 

Using herself as an example—often, a bad example—Dworkin inspires us, teaches us, and encourages us to find our own relationship path, providing practical and useful tools along the way. Her framing is fresh and innovative, and her stories and examples are ones that all of us can relate to, no matter what kind of relationship we have. My one complaint is this: I only wish I’d had this book in my hands throughout my life to help me navigate those treacherous waters of intimacy and trust, to grapple with power dynamics and codependency, and to build the solid foundations for long-term love. This brilliant, funny, and smart book is a bible for anyone looking for help to make relationships work, whatever that means to them.”

—Julie Diamond, Ph.D., author of Power: A User’s Guide and CEO of Diamond Leadership

 “Make Love Better offers us a powerful, practical roadmap for navigating our most intimate relationships. Writing in a clear, compelling style, Jan Dworkin shares hard-won wisdom gleaned from navigating her clients’ relationship challenges as well as her own. She illustrates what is possible for all of us to achieve if we show up to our love lives with compassion, curiosity, and some tenacity. The stories are honest and raw, ordinary as well as extraordinary. A highly recommended book to be re-read many times!” 

—Shakil Choudhury, author of Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them          

“Written with unflinching authenticity, Make Love Better is a treasure to find among the scores of relationship books. Author Jan Dworkin’s own compelling story makes a seeming “how-to” book a page-turner and inspires readers to find pride and value in their unique path. Dr. Dworkin tackles the way in which thorny social issues such as gender, class, and race can create power dynamics between couples, and she illuminates a path of learning and enrichment. Make Love Better is inclusive, celebrating love in all its forms. Offering cutting-edge relationship tools and attitudes with sharp insight, humor, and courage, it will breathe new energy into our relationships and enhance family life.”

—Dawn Menken, Ph.D., author of Raising Parents, Raising Kids: Hands-on Wisdom for the Next Generation and Speak Out! Talking About Love, Sex and Eternity

Jan Dworkin’s Make Love Better does indeed make relationships better. From the very first page, Dr. Dworkin guides us through a world of possibilities that lie dormant just beneath the surface of even the most challenging relationships. Using her extensive personal and professional experience to illuminate the journey, she leads us in an ever-expanding spiral from the deeply internal to the broadly political aspects of our worlds of relationship, with all their joys and troubles.  

At each station along the way, Dr. Dworkin supports her points with just the right amount of theory from the worlds of psychotherapy, cognitive research, and neuroscience. She speaks with the compassion and authority gained over her decades of practicing and teaching therapy and facilitation from the Process Work perspective. The reader comes away feeling loved and cared for, much in the way that Dr. Dworkin has come to care for and support her clients—and ultimately, herself. 

—Joseph Goodbread, Ph.D., author of Befriending Conflict: How to Make Conflict Safer, More Productive, and More Fun and Living on the Edge: The Mythical, Spiritual and Philosophical Roots of Social Marginality

“There are so many relationship books out there. Most, I put down within the first 30 pages. Make Love Better is different. It is an adventure of a read. Jan Dworkin’s guidance on exploring relationship is exciting, fresh, and insightful. She investigates everything from family life to power, sex, and even failure. She gives us hope. More importantly, she offers us a map and direction for deepening our path with others and learning to love in a real way.”

—Diane Musho Hamilton, Zen teacher and author of Everything Is Workable

“Jan Dworkin not only shares with us her three decades of therapeutic experience and wisdom—she also does something far more rare. Dr. Dworkin shares her most vulnerable and intimate experiences with her own relationships. And not just her successes and what she learned, but the mistakes and missteps she made along the way. Her ability to weave the profoundly personal together with the essence of the wisdom she gleaned from guiding others is what makes this book a must-read for anyone navigating the waters of relationship.”

—David Bedrick, J.D., author of Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology

“With abundant candor and wisdom, Jan Dworkin invites the reader to shed the all-too-pervasive concept of failure in relationships. Through creatively weaving personal stories together with theoretical concepts and a wealth of practical tools, she invites all of us to view the ins and outs of relationships as exciting doorways to greater awareness, learning, and immense growth.”  

—Amy Mindell, Ph.D., author of Metaskills: The Spiritual Art of Therapy and Your Unique Facilitator Style: Explore Your Special Gifts and Powers as Facilitator, Therapist, Teacher, Coach, and Helper

“Relationships continue to be one of humankind’s biggest challenges. Make Love Better is a fresh approach to relationship issues—juicy, intimate, diverse, and hopeful. Relationship coach Jan Dworkin has spent a lifetime studying herself and her own relationships to better understand and guide others through concrete examples and practices that readers can add to their relationship toolkit. She writes with transparency, authenticity, and humor; she is willing to be vulnerable in order to teach others. This is an important book—one that can change you and your relationships and truly make love better. I couldn’t put it down!”

—Dr. Nisha Zenoff, author of The Unspeakable Loss: How Do You Live After a Child Dies?