Consulting & facilitating teams

Like people, teams are full of inner and outer conflict as well as diverse needs and goals. Teams also possess the capacity for creativity, innovation and growth. But unresolved conflict, overt and covert power struggles, conscious and unconscious bias, and issues of marginality and inclusion erode trust, break down communication and impede achieving results. Without trust, team members do not feel safe to admit vulnerability, skill deficiencies, and personal shortcomings.  They hide mistakes for fear of reprisal and the bottom line suffers. I teach 3 simple, but not easy, skills that are vital to developing strong, productive, psychologically safe teams.

1) Using power for the benefit of the whole team
2) Engaging in robust debate and productive conflict
3) Giving clear feedback and holding each other accountable

Depending on your needs, goals, and culture, I offer a variety of options. I might facilitate a series of conversations to get a team or organization unstuck, or I can design and deliver customized training programs. Some thematic umbrellas include: moving from conflict to cooperation; developing communication competence; navigating power dynamics; the art of giving and receiving feedback; working towards diversity, equity and inclusion; and aligning mission, vision, and values.


Here’s what your team can expect:

  • Increased trust and deeper connections

  • Skills for conflict resolution

  • Ability to have tough, direct conversations

  • Ability to share vulnerabilities without fear of reprisal

  • Higher level awareness of power and its impact on others

  • More clarity about roles and commitments

  • Increased efficiency—positive impact on the bottom line

Teamwork takes work. But any team can make significant progress, and that’s where the fun begins. When it comes to helping people find fulfillment in their work, there is nothing more important than teamwork. A strong team fosters and supports the individual’s sense of connection and purpose, creating impact far beyond the office.