“This was a very refreshing, interactive, hands-on, creative, colorful (pun intended) alternative to a corporate retreat.  The artwork now resides among us and has become a conversation piece and reminder of who we are and the work we do. Talk about impact on the (work) environment!”
-Steve, Art Director


“The artwork is magnificent and absolutely reflects the day and our team experience. It’s has brought a boost of light and energy to our space and the team is expressing lots of pride while showing it to their co-workers.”
-Greg, Utilities Manager


“The painting reflects that you understand us in an even deeper way than we have understood ourselves.”
-Barbara, Executive Director

“The experience was amazing and continues to have ramifications beyond my expectations. The gift of the painting serves as a daily reminder of all we have learned about ourselves and the world.”
Peter, Conference Participant


“Such a positive, inspirational, and thought-provoking day! Jan and Randee made me realize that even a left-brain person like me can be creative and can use that energy to improve my work and relationships with my colleagues.”
Melissa, Executive Assistant 


“Usually team-building stops when the day is over. This lives on. The image is a metaphor that can keep growing with us.”
Deb, Clinical Director


Processwork & Therapy

"When I began seeing Jan, my work as an actor suffered from my inability to access, inhabit, and own a full spectrum of emotions. Jan has helped me thaw my expressive center, rediscover the beauty of being an "over-dramatic," deeply feeling woman, and manage the external judgments I am subject to in my chosen profession.  She uses methods that relate to me as an artist - such as role-playing, free association, acting out dreams, drawing, writing - we've even worked on audition monologues during our sessions. Jan has helped me learn to handle what life throws at me. I have grown in confidence, depth, and artistry through our work."
-Brenan, Actor


"Jan opened my eyes and guided me to become a better mother and wife. She taught me how to communicate and express myself, which has strengthened my relationships with my husband and two children. She provides a safety net where I can feel free to open up and express myself and just be me. A gift to anyone that works with her."
Trish, Marketing Strategist


"So often we interpret our challenges negatively and get stuck not knowing how to use our life experiences to evolve and grow. Jan is a rare and gifted soul that skillfully helps her clients see and feel what is necessary to facilitate transformational change. She does this by engaging both the head and heart, intuitively following the body and emotions and dropping below the scripts that keep us stuck. Through her presence and vast knowledge, she awakens clients to their deeper truths, innate talents, and purpose in life."
John, Psychologist

"I’ve had the privilege of attending training seminars with Jan both in her hometown of Portland and abroad. The more I experience her teaching, the more I’m simply blown away!  She weaves momentary group dynamics with course content in a simple, articulate and effective way. Her skill and capacity to facilitate complex and diverse groups is second to very few.

Jan is one of those rare facilitators whose teaching and modeling are one and the same– she not only walks her talk; she is her talk. Her courage in exposing her vulnerability and venturing into uncomfortable and unknown territories inspires deep, sensitive and daring learning. Participants are more willing to be real, raw, powerful, and honest – with themselves and with each other. The result is personal and social transformation that reaches far beyond the realms of the workshop space."
-Paul, Writer, Editor 


"After years of sometimes frustrating and “stuck” experiences with therapists and counselors, Jan was a breath of fresh air. She connected the dots of my life experiences and pushed me to grow and learn. Jan helped me frame challenging and meaningful moments of my life in a clearer and more forgiving way." 
-Laura, Yoga Teacher


"Jan is an insightful, compassionate and playful counselor and mediator.  She allowed us to see parts of our relationship that we couldn't see before, and through wrestling with these insights, we were able to have a more genuine and intimate relationship." 
-E&N, Married Couple



"The experience of being coached by you could not be more profound. You give me such gifts, insights, experiences. The work is truly transformative, absolutely groundbreaking both personally and professionally. A great point from which to move forward, grow, and continue to build my business. 

A little anecdotal evidence ... my website is under reconstruction, and I owe a lot of writing to my developers. I have had writer's block for weeks—well yesterday afternoon, after our coaching session, the words just flowed right through my fingers ..." 
-Barry, Communications Consultant


"Jan is an awesome mentor and coach! She supported and inspired me with her insightful, direct and honest feedback, while at the same time seeing and encouraging my gifts and growth potential. I always felt Jan fully on board, challenging me with care, welcoming my feedback and going the extra mile to create a mutually respectful and collegial relationship."
-Sal, Graduate School Faculty 


"Jan has been my leadership coach since 2007 when I became Chief Executive in the field of human services. With Jan as your coach, you are guided along the narrow path, you learn to walk the razor's edge, savor the leadership journey and keep your focus on your goals and destination.  Your gifts, your challenges, your nemeses and your shadows, can be woven together in service of your personal growth, of your organization's vision and of a more inclusive and a more sustainable world." 
-Eleanor, CEO


"Jan Dworkin’s expert coaching enabled me to stay centered while serving as the executive director of an organization in the mist of intense and turbulent change. She supported me to follow my inner wisdom, and at the same time listen deeply to and follow the collective wisdom of my leadership team and the entire organization. Our coaching sessions enabled me to develop and trust my own unique leadership style." 
-Anne, Executive Director