What is 361ARtWorks?

361ArtWorks is an original facilitation strategy developed by myself, Jan Dworkin, and my colleague Randee Levine. Drawing on our backgrounds as both facilitators and artists, this approach promotes growth and development for individuals, teams, and organizations using the arts, awareness practices, and play.

Article in the BCA (Business for Culture and the Arts) newsletter about 361Artworks at PGE


360 Degree Facilitation

Are you looking for change within your self or your team? Hoping to drive innovation or break through a block? Is your agency growing too fast or too slowly? Are your people in conflict? Are you after a deeper level of motivation, insight or connection? Do you want to reward your team or yourself with an enjoyable and creative experience and learn heaps at the same time? 

Our approach uses awareness methods and the arts to provide a complete, full circle perspective.  We welcome and bring forth diverse voices, conflicting perspectives, marginal positions, and whatever’s not being said.  We support your missions, visions, and values, and help to extract the wisdom and creativity within underlying uncertainty, conflict, failure, and miscommunication. Our methods excavate breakthrough solutions to your question marks and problems.

Whether you’re a team leader, an artist, an entrepreneur, a small creative agency, a social service agency, a not-for-profit, or a team within a large company, programs are custom designed to promote imagination, hone awareness, tap into the source and find authentic solutions to your most gnarly personal or team challenges.

Our use of the arts makes the whole thing easier and more enjoyable, even for so-called non-creative types. You get out of your chairs and outside your comfort zones. Edgy conversations and non-linear experiences lead individuals and groups to moments and spaces of innovation, unexpected connections, and ahas. Every project and program is different. Our job is to learn about you, understand your objectives, and design a program tailored to meet your needs and blow your minds.

Our programs address:

  • Collaborative teamwork
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict facilitation
  •  Leadership development
  • Owning and negotiating power
  • Alignment with new missions/visions/values
  • Accountability and feedback

We offer:

  • Breakthrough teambuilding sessions and retreats
  • Activities designed to meet specific deliverables
  • Immersive experiences for creative blocks and getting unstuck
  • Individualized creative consultation with projects like books, website development, branding, and logo creation


+1: The Artwork

Environments influence us, often in ways we barely perceive, but can still be detected on a brain wave test. Our +1 adds a piece of artwork to your space. We integrate and synthesize the themes and metaphors that emerge from your experience, then head back to the studio to produce a gallery-grade piece of artwork.  This custom artwork provides a visual representation of your learning. It is aesthetically beautiful, inspiring and lives in the office as an icon, tribute, and reminder.

During a follow up session, the artwork is used much like a post meeting report - a vehicle for review, debrief, planning of next steps, and as a reminder to commit to specific deliverables. We get your reactions and feedback, then make changes if necessary.


6 Phase Process for 361ArtWorks

Phase 1: Planning Interviews
Discover intended objectives and primary obstacles. Determine aesthetic and space constraints.

Phase 2: Group Session. Laying the groundwork.
Introduce and facilitate exercises that provide awareness, learning, and insight in order to prepare group for a deeper interaction. These exercises are based in the arts and provide raw material and a palette for the final art piece.

Phase 3: Group session, The Deep Dive.
Facilitated dialogue designed for interaction, conflict resolution, breakthrough learning, and innovation.

Phase 4: Integration
Time for assimilating experience, agreeing on action items, and creating further raw material for art piece.

Phase 5:  Studio Work

Phase 6: Feedback Session
Presentation of art, review of learning, and agreement on deliverables.