EXECUTIVE Coaching & Leadership Development

My coaching methods fast-track your personal and professional growth, and allow you to re-connect with the original spark or inspiration that set you on your path as a leader, maker, or doer. By cultivating self-awareness, you develop the social and emotional intelligence to act and react from your authentic power, rather than relying on the power assigned by your role or position.

Three things are required for success: your open mind, an ability to introspect and the willingness to learn.

Together we identify your strengths, gifts, challenges and obstacles, and determine key areas of focus. We discover the emotional triggers that get in the way of you   and your goals, explore your belief systems, and learn new ways of responding to situations and events. 

We partner to create a personalized development plan. I create exercises, assignments, and benchmarks specifically designed to help you hone your awareness and practice new behaviors.   In some cases, I use assessment tools and/or conduct a performance review, to gather additional information and a more thorough understanding of the context in which you operate.

As an ICF certified coach with a deep background in clinical psychology, I know what it takes to develop the awareness and skills necessary for sustained behavioral change. I provide clear, actionable feedback. My style is very direct.


Here’s what you can expect:

  • Increased confidence

  • Improvement in communication skills – including how to have tough conversations

  • Ability to turn pain points into superpowers

  • Greater emotional and social intelligence

  • Re-connection with your original professional vision

  • Capacity to stay centered under fire (dealing with feedback, criticism and crisis)

  • Acting in alignment with your core vision and values

  • A commitment to your own continuous growth, change, and learning


  • Conflict facilitation for teams and creative partnerships

  • Leadership skills for creating inclusive, psychologically safe teams

  • Alignment of personal and positional powers

  • Developing authentic leadership presence

  • Strategies for influencing and managing up, down and across

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