Individual Therapy and Couples Counseling

My approach is based on Processwork principles. Each session looks different, depending on you. You talk. I shut up and listen. Or I talk a lot and tell you what to do. Sometimes I give advice. We work and play - with your dreams and body symptoms, with your voice and movements, with drawing, with role-play. Or if you don’t like that stuff we don’t do any of it. You can giggle, you can weep, we can get loud or silent. We always learn something.  Our time together is often profound and rarely boring or uninspiring.


Chemistry is everything; the relationship between client and therapist is the most important ingredient in successful therapy. If we don’t jive, if you don’t feel my profound regard and respect, my genuine appreciation of who you are, the work won’t work. 


Therapy can be long or short term. It can be used to address an issue, solve a problem, or for ongoing personal growth and awareness. My areas of expertise (and favorite issues) include but are not limited to: relationship work and couples counseling; sexuality and gender issues; addictive behaviors; internalized oppression and psycho-social activism; professional development and creativity coaching.   


I bring 30 years experience with a huge range of clients (both individuals and couples) to the table. I bring a lifelong commitment to my own personal growth, my professional development and my continuing education and training. I bring all of my awareness and attention. I am compassionate, direct, serious, quirky and kind. I have an unusual openness and capacity to be interested in both ordinary and uncommon problems.  


What you can expect to achieve in our work:

  • Uncover what’s holding you back

  • Replace limiting and sticky belief systems with creative new options

  • Find purpose in your pain

  • Leverage learning from obstacles and increase your sense of empowerment

  • Connect the dots between parts of your life experience - make your story makes sense

  • Stay connected with yourself in the midst of crisis and uncertainty